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Xi'an Taijin Industrial Electrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (TAIJIN) was founded in 1998 under the name of Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research (Group) and is a customer oriented and technology driven supplier and manufacturer. Taijin Company produces a wide range of dimensionally stable anodes?platinized and mixed metal oxide activated titanium anodes,Website:http://www.taijinanode.it, repairs and recoats used titanium anodes. Apart from cathodic protection titanium anodes, our titanium anodes are also involved in the following fields: noble metal electrowinning, sodium hypochlorite water treatment, seawater electrochlorination, electroplating industry, chlor-alkali industry, etc. Taijin Company is SGS Verification Supplier, Bureau Veritas, ISO 9001, GJB9001A certified. Moreover, we passed the test of the third party- Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. Under the standard of MMO Mesh Ribbon-NACE TM0294 and MMO Ribbon-NACE Tm0108. With our experience, innovation, flexibility, and customer-orientation highly motivated, interdisciplinary personnel guarantees the constant expansion of the family-owned company that exports its products to more than 40 countries.
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MMO Ribbon Anode MMO Mesh Ribbon Anode MMO Expanded Mesh Ribbon Anode MMO Rod Anode MMO Tubular Anode MMO Disc Anode MMO Canister Anode Flexible Anode MMO Wire Anode MMO Discrete Anode High Silicon Cast Iron Anode Water Heater Anode Lead Dioxide Anode Platinum plated titanium anode Magnesium Anode Zinc Anode Aluminum Anode Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Siliver Chloride Reference Electrode Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Titanium Anode for Ship Ballest Water Treatment Titanium Anodes for Organic Waste Water Titanium Anodes for Removing Ca and Ma Ions of Waste Water Titanium Anode for Electrolysis Metal Titanium Anode for Selective Electrodeposition Noble Metal Electroplating Noble Metal Anode Cathodic Protection system for storage tank Titanium Ribbon Titanium Anodes Titanium Electrodes MMO Ribbon Titanium Mesh Ribbon Ribbon Mesh Mesh Ribbon Conductor bar Titanium Mesh Concrete Ribbon MMO Titanium Anode MMO Mesh Ribbon Steel Concrete Ribbon MMO Expanded Mesh Anode Rod Titanium welding rod Titanium rod MMO rod Probe anode pipeline Cathodic Protection Pipeline anode pipeline corrosion protection pipe cathodic protection marine anode Ship Anode Titanium plate boat anode ship anodes Cathodic protection pipeline Galvanic Anode MMO Tube Anode MMO Tubular Electrode Prepackaged Tube Anode Cathodic Protection system for storage tank base Anodeflex MMO Wire MMO Flexible Anode ICCP Anodeflex MMO Coated Titanium Anode Tank cathodic protection Titanium Wire anode Water Heater mmo wire MMO Wire for Solar Water Heater Water Electrolysis mmo wire Tubular Mesh Anode Tube Mesh Anode MMO Discrete tubular mesh Coiled discrete anode MMO Titanium Tubular Mesh Sacrificial Electrode High Silicon Iron Silicon Iron Casting Iron Silicon Iron Anode water heater anode rod anode rod water heater anode rods anode rod replacement water heating rod Lead Dioxide Titanium Anode Lead Anode PbO2 Anode PbO2-Ti Anode Ti Anode PT anode PT TI anode Titanium Anode Platinized Titanium Electrode platinised titanium anode magnesium anode Mg anode Mg ingot Mg rod magnesium sacrificial anode zinc rod anode zinc sacrificial anode marine zinc anode zinc ribbion Aluminum ingot Aluminum alloy Al anode Al Electrode aluminum anodes Anode spare parts Copper Electrode Cu Reference Electrode Cu sulfate electrode copper sulfate electrode Silver reference electrode silver silver chloride reference electrode silver chloride electrode swimming pool disinfection antifouling of swimming pool Sewage Treatment Plant Electrolyzer Water Treatment System Sewage removal Sterilization and disinfection of waste water Reduce COD and BOD Removing Ca , Ma and algae PbO2 coating titanium based anode Cyclone electrolysis Selective Electrodeposition of metals Electrodepositing Copper Copper Electrodeposition Copper Hydrometallurgy electrolysis electro-deposition electrolytic deposition acid copper acid zinc ICCP Cathodic Protection Titanium Electrode Anode MMO Anode Lead Dioxide Electrode Platinized Anode platinized titanium anode platinized titanium mesh Anodes Sacrificial anodes Sacrificial anode cathodic protection Cathodic protection anode Reference Electrodes silver reference electrode Copper reference electrode Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Chlorine Dioxide Generator Ruthenium OxideTitanium Anode Waste Water Chlorinator Sewage Water Treatment Cooling water Descaling Hydrometallurgy Titanium Anode Extracting Copper Nickel extraction Cobalt extraction Electroplating copper zinc Electroplating Gold plating Silver plating Copper plating
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